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How it works?

R85 Studio fee per person + the value of your ceramic item
(Price range of ceramics range from R150 - R600)

Booking timeslots:
09h30 - 11h30
12h30 - 14h30
15h00 - 17h00

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 Ceramics 101... 

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Glaze Firing:

The Alchemy of Ceramic Art

Glazes melt and react in the kiln's heat, forming a glassy surface that makes your ceramic art come alive with vibrant colors that are food-safe and durable.

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Acrylic Paint:

Unleash Your Creativity on Ceramics

Perfect for decorative items, acrylic paints offer a quick-dry solution to add a splash of non-toxic colour to your ceramic projects, ideal for crafters who love to experiment & the best part - items can be taken home on the day.


Your Canvas:

 Ceramic Plates to Figurines

Our studio's variety caters to every age and taste, presenting a world of possibilities from functional dishware to whimsical sculptures to kiddies items, waiting for your creative spark.


Kiln Firing:

Crafting Durability and Beauty

Experience the transformation as the intense heat of the kiln turns your painted piece into a permanent work of art, ready to be treasured for years to come.


Our professional kiln-firing process ensures your creations are durable, glossy, and ready to impress. Cherish your art for a lifetime.


Explore the art of ceramics and let your imagination run wild. From vibrant glazes to elegant shapes, craft a masterpiece to call your own.

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